Elden Ring Mulitplayer DLC Leaked

A known data miner and hacker uncovered an interesting secret in Elden Ring, that might be pointing to upcoming DLC. A fascinating reveal!
Elden Ring Mulitplayer DLC Leaked
This new leak points to potential DLC for Elden Ring. | © From Software/Lance McDonald

Elden Ring is an absolutely massive open world game, not just full of amazing content, but also featuring a whole slew of secrets waiting to be uncovered. And the many fans that the game garnered since it's release a couple of weeks ago have been busy uncovering these secrets. One of these was just cracked by a famous data miner and hacker, who found secrets inside unused areas in the game that might be pointing to upcoming multiplayer DLC.

Is Elden Ring Going To Get DLC Focused On Multiplayer?

The data miner and hacker in question is Lance McDonald, who uncovered many secrets in previous From Software games. He managed to get access to certain areas in Elden Ring, that normally can't be entered. These currently-locked parts of the map are huge arenas that point to potential multiplayer DLC for Elden Ring. Check out this video by McDonald where he shows off one of these arenas.

Of course, this is pure speculation. But it is weird that there are these huge arenas in the game, and they are just not used for anything. As you can see in the video, the inside of the arena is fully modelled and detailed. From Software wouldn't go to all that trouble for literally nothing, right?

Also, in the past, Dark Souls games always had areas that were specifically designed for PvP. So it only makes sense, that there will be some kind of multiplayer DLC for Elden Ring, that will unlock these arenas and let players fight there against each other.

Again, this is just speculation. And simple deduction. What I mean is, that you should take this with a grain of salt, obviously. But also... I'm 100% sure I'm right. Just wait and see, history will absolve me...