FIFA 22 Moments Icons: Release, Players, Ratings

Icon Moments cards show the legends in the most significant moments of their careers – so they are always totally OP in Ultimate Team. But when are they actually coming to FIFA 22?
FIFA 22 Moments Icons Ronaldo Zidane Puskas
Looking gooooooooooood. | © EA Sports

Ah yes, the legends of football... And I'm not even talking about Ronaldo or Messi. In FIFA, they are known as Icons. They are nice and shiny, link to any player and are just extremely fun to play with. Three icon versions are already out in FIFA 22: Base, Mid and Prime.

Now the fourth version has dropped recently, and it's the ultimate and strongest version of the legends: Icon Moments! Because all good things are... four.

Ultimate Team – What Are Moments Icons?

Shall I repeat myself again? The ultimate and strongest form of icons! Pelé for example, his previous versions have a rating of 91/95/98... that's okay, of course, lol, but his Icon Moments card even got a 99 in FIFA 21. I probably don't have to explain to anyone that this is crazy good, right?

By the way, each of the 105 icons in FIFA 22 gets a strong Moments version – we are especially looking forward to newcomers like Rooney or Casillas!

What Is The Release Date For Moments Icons In FIFA 22?

On Friday, March 4, three new Moments versions of Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane and Ferenc Puskas officially arrived. One day later, the first big batch of Icon Moments already found its way into Ultimate Team. So little by little, we will welcome the remaining Moments in FIFA 22.

In FIFA, it's been common for a few years that Icons are released in Ultimate Team in a staggered way. In the beginning, only Base and Mid are available, at some point, the Prime variants appear, and now the first Moments Icons can also be found in FIFA 22. Check out the Icon Swaps 2 rewards.

Prime Icon Moments Batch 1 – Release March 5th 2022

EA Sports released a total of 53 icons in one go on March 5th. You don't have to be Einstein to know that the Icon Moments in FIFA 22 will be released in two separate batches. At this point we don't know when the remaining 52 Icons will appear in Ultimate. Well, at least EA has provided us with a pretty overview on Twitter showing which Icons are already in the game:

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Prime Icon Moments Batch 1
Looks freaking amazing! | © EA Sports

Oh boy, some of these Icon Moments really make our knees weak. 99-rated Pele, 97-rated Zidane, 94-rated Eusébio... these cards will dominate the FIFA 22 meta – if you can afford them.

If you want to always be up-to-date with ALL FIFA 22 Icons (even the ones who haven't received their Moments version as yet), don't worry. We have listed all the 105 Icons in the game with their four different ratings.

What Ratings Do Moments Icons Get?

Good reason, right? But that's not it yet. If you look at the FIFA clock, the year is basically over already – seriously, everybody is ready for FIFA 23, aren't they?

Anyway, back to the topic. You can check out the first ratings looking at the picture above... but that's not all in this year's FIFA! The Moments Icons can also get upgrades for their Weak Foots in FIFA 22!

Good ol' FUT Sheriff has always been reliable over the past few weeks when it comes to information about Ultimate Team. And Puskas' WF was actually upgraded to 4 stars! This obviously raises the question to what EA is planning to boost the other Icons?

You can find all Icons and all their ratings in FIFA 22 here.