Free PS Plus Games March 2022 Revealed

PS Plus' monthly offering has been ridiculously bad recently. But we already know, that March will offer at least one incredible game...
PS Plus free games March 2022 Revealed
We got some big ones this month! Well... kind of. | © Rockstar/Sony

The PS Plus games have, honestly, been whack for a while now: December was trash, November was trash... January was ok, but then we went right back to Trash City with February. Now it's time we finally get something good. Right? We already know one game coming to PS Plus in March, and it's an absolute treat for PS5 users in March.

PS Plus Games March 2022 Revealed

The PS Plus games for March 2022 were officially revealed by Sony on the Playstation Blog, and they are nothing like what we imagined. Literally nothing. Here are the games we're getting this month:

  • Ghostrunner (PS5 only)
  • Ark: Survival Evolved (PS4)
  • Team Sonic Racing (PS4)
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (PS4/PS5)
  • GTA Online (PS5)

This is a pretty mixed package. Ghostrunner is super awesome, but it's only on PS5 and also that's probably a game you would want to play on PC, since it's super fast-paced and mega hard. And Team Sonic Racing is supposed to be a decent game, even though it has strong "ordered Mario Kart on Wish" vibes. Ark... *sigh*. Let's just not talk about that one.

Now, the other ones are awesome, of course, but come with caveats. No, this is not Ghost of Tsushima the full game, it's "just" the multiplayer part. But: it's still bloody good. Really, really good. So that is going to be fun. And GTA Online is GTA Online... can't go wrong with that. Oh, and both games come with in-game bonuses, so that's neat. It's at least... something.

If you want to see how far off my predictions were (except the one thing that was already known... feel free to read on below:

PS Plus Games March 2022 Leaks & Predictions

Elex 2

If you don't know the first Elex game, you kinda missed out. It wasn't the greatest RPG under the sun, but it was developed by the people who made games like Gothic or Risen. And like those games, Elex was clunky as heck and as ugly as your dog's behind. But it was also full of character and super engaging, entertaining and well-written. And you have a jetpack. So what's not to love? Elex 2 is coming out for PS4 & PS5 on March 1, which is the first Tuesday of the month. And as we all know, that's when the PS Plus games arrive...

Marvel's Avengers

This one is a bit of a wild prediction, but hear us out. By March, this game will have been out for 1,5 years, and it just wasn't as successful as Square Enix and Marvel had hoped for. It already landed in Game Pass, so why not give it away on PlayStation as well, to garner a bigger player base? Give away the game for free and sell players DLC later. It would make a lot of sense and I think this would be the best chance for such a move to work out, before players completely forget, that this game even existed in the first place.

GTA Online - Confirmed!

This one is not a prediction, it's actually happening. It's real, we promise! It was announced literal ages ago, more concretely in June 2020, that GTA Online, the multiplayer part of GTA 5, would come to PS5 for free. And it's finally happening next month. We will not bother you with introducing this game; everyone knows it, everyone loves it and also everyone hates it. But if you have never played GTA Online, are looking for something huge and amazing to play on your PS5 or just want to dip back into this massive and amazing game, you'll be able to do so on March 15.