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Space Lux
Who Is The Most Annoying Support?

I know you hate them... if they're on the enemy team.

Ahri Star Guardian
Which Star Guardian Skin Is The Best?


Ivern 0
Which Of These Champions Is The Most Underrated?

Mine is Ivern. The image probably gave it away.

Debonair Draven Skin
Did You Like The Debonair 2.0 Skins?

Not exactly christmas-y.

Piltover Runeterra
Which LoL Server Are You Playing On?

I'm a basic EUW bish.

To R Demacia
Which Region Of Runeterra Is Your Favorite
Do you even have a favorite?
Valorant lol
Do You Play Valorant and LoL Or Just One?
Are you a Riot stan?
Valorant agents
Do You Think Valorant Agents Are Inspired By League of Legends Champions?
I mean, they're both made by Riot.
Vex Splash art
Which Champion from the Shadow Isle Is Your Favorite

Spooky, spooky.

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