Are You Into KPOP?

This one is for me.

Elden Ring gameplay
Which PlayStation Game Of 2022 Got You The Most Excited?

There's a couple of gems!

Rocket league batmobile
Batmobile In Rocket League Is The Coolest Thing Ever: True Or False?


Killjoy OP
Who's Your Main In Valorant?


Hottest female fortnite skins ariana grande
Which Artist From The Icon Radio Is Your Favorite?

Imagine Dragons all the way!

Fifa 22
Do You Think FIFA Should Remove More Controversial Players/Clubs From Their Game?

Controversial topic ahead.

Ps plus online multiplayer cod
Do You Play CoD Multiplayer Only To Level Weapons For Warzone?

Most people I know do.

Space Lux
Who Is The Most Annoying Support?

I know you hate them... if they're on the enemy team.

Funko pops
Do You Own Funko Pops?

I have way too many at this point.

Ea skate 4
Welches Skating Game ist am Besten?

Skater boy?

Rocket league zomba wheels
Which Of These Wheels Looks The Best?

I like all of them!

Valorant Deathmatch
Would You Ever Quit Valorant?

Tough one or nah?

Which Peely Skin Is The Best?


3 Paris Saint Germain Ligue 1 160 Millionen
Which Underdog National Team Do You Like To Play In FIFA?

Which one?

Verdansk 840
Verdansk vs. Caldera

Which one?

Ahri Star Guardian
Which Star Guardian Skin Is The Best?